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The book every Django dev must get

Two Scoops of Django Beta just got released yesterday, and I’m absolutely psyched to find out what’s among the 50+ pages of new material.  Let me tell you why this is a big deal to me.

I was reading Hacker News one day about a month ago, and I stumbled upon this story. I’m not made of money, and I certainly don’t have all the time in the world to be reading books, but something about Pydanny’s post caught my eye inspired me to spend the $12, and more importantly, spend the time reading the book.

It was a complete gamechanger.

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Hello, Alan Johnson here. I’m cofounder, president, and lead developer of Breakrs, a music discovery community, inspired by the dynamics of fantasy sports. It is a hub for music fans act as talent scouts, finding and “breaking” new bands to earn rewards and recognition.

Any project this size is a major learning experience, and this journal is about sharing the wisdom gained in the process of developing the Breakrs website. Given the fact that our founding team didn’t have major capital resources right out the gate, the only reason Breakrs is even possible is because of open-source software, open APIs, web services with free tiers, and the massive amounts of knowledge openly shared on the Internet. It’s only right that we contribute back in whatever ways we can. I hope that people find this to be a useful resource in their own projects as the content here accumulates.  Cheers!